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As the healthcare and life sciences fields shift toward transdisciplinary and data-intensive research, the Institute for Informatics (I2) provides an academic and professional home for informatics science and practice. I2 engages in innovative research, workforce development and informatics service delivery.  Read More

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The Institute for Informatics (I2) Research-in-Progress Lecture Series

This talk will feature Dr. Karen Joynt Maddox, Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Cardiovascular Division at Washington University Schoo...

Institute for Informatics (I2) &
School of Basic Medical Sciences
Clinical Research Informatics (CRI) Workshop

This workshop will introduce participants to basic concepts in clinical trial design, conduct and analysis. It will then introduce the ways ...

AMIA 2020 Informatics Summit

The AMIA 2020 Informatics Summit is a dynamic activity continuously reflecting the changing nature of informatics, and it will focus on cutt...

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Patients need to ask 2 questions: 1) how are you protecting my data? & 2) are you using it responsibly to improve quality, safety, & outcomes for me, my family & my community? Both critical! | Hospitals Give Tech Giants Access to Detailed Medical Records wsj.com/articles/hospi… Retweeted by WashU Institute for Informatics (I2)

Partnerships between providers, the tech sector, AND patients are critical to improving the quality, safety, and cost of care - but we have to make sure we’re asking the right questions using the right data! | Can we ever trust Google with our health data? ft.com/content/4ade88… Retweeted by WashU Institute for Informatics (I2)