The Center for Population Health Informatics

The Center for Population Health Informatics (CPHI) is working across disciplines and harnessing the power of data and technology to better the lives of those in St. Louis and beyond. CPHI is actively engaged in developing and studying innovative uses for data and technology at the point of care and beyond to improve population health outcomes.


CPHI leads in population health informatics research and serves to provide access to and training in the use of computationally-derived (“synthetic”) and health services administrative data. We additionally provide services in data analysis and visualization to advance applied clinical and population health research, including:

  • Maintaining data repositories and managing data assets and data dictionaries;
  • Training investigators, laboratory staff, and students on the ethical and secure use of data assets;
  • Providing leadership on the analysis and visualization of clinical and population health data;
  • Facilitating collaboration among interdisciplinary investigators; and
  • Advancing the use of data to inform researchers and the St. Louis community about health and healthcare.

Faculty & Staff

  • Beth Prusaczyk, PhD, MSW
    Instructor in Medicine, Division of General Medical Sciences
  • Daphne Lew, PhD, MPH
    Instructor in Biostatistics, Division of Biostatistics
  • Joshua Landman, MS
    PhD Candidate, Division of Computational & Data Sciences
  • Min Zhao, MS
    Statistical Data Analyst, CPHI, Institute for Informatics
  • Melissa Gendron
    Project Manager, CPHI, Institute for Informatics
  • Alicia Cicerelli
    Project Manager, CPHI, Institute for Informatics



MDClone is a free, secure, self-service platform for building queries and downloading computationally-derived (“synthetic”) data from the research data core (RDC). Since the data do not contain protected health information (PHI), use of these data is not classified as human subjects research.

Request a Service

Email or contact Melissa Gendron, CPHI Project Manager, at 314.273.8414 or for consultation or inquiries.

Facilities & Other Resources

Facilities and Resources: Informatics (pdf)


For more information on the Center for Population Health Informatics, please email Alicia Cicerelli at


Randi Foraker, PhD, MA, FAHA, FAMIA

Director, Center for Population Health Informatics (CPHI)

Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of General Medical Sciences, School of Medicine

Associate Professor of Public Health, Brown School