Applied Clinical Informatics and Data Analysis International Workshop

September 25, 2018, 9:00 am — September 27, 2018, 2:30 pm

Auditorium of the Institute of Sciences
& Innovation in Medicine
Universidad del Desarrollo
Building 3 Plaza Asís – Floor -1 (base)
Av. Las Condes 12.461
Las Condes – Santiago, Chile

This workshop will introduce participants to the foundational theories and methods needed to design, deploy, and manage clinical information systems, as well as extract and analyze the data produced by such platforms. It is designed for participants without formal training in the computational science and biomedical informatics domains, but who are familiar with either healthcare research or operations, such as clinicians, administrators, and technologists.

The Applied Clinical Informatics and Data Analysis International Workshop, co-chaired by Dr. Philip R.O. Payne and Dr. Marcelo A. Lopetegui Lazo, will be team-taught by faculty affiliated with the Washington University School of Medicine’s Institute for Informatics (I2) and the Universidad de Desarrollo’s Clínica Alemana. Faculty team includes Drs. Randi Foraker, Albert M. Lai and Philip R.O. Payne from Washington University, Dr. Marcelo A. Lopetegui Lazo and Maurizio Mattoli from Universidad del Desarrollo, and Drs. Mario Barbé and Alejandro Mauro from Clínica Alemana Santiago.

Core concepts to be reviewed during this course include:

  • types of clinical information systems and the architecture of integrated information management platforms for use in the clinical setting,
  • factors that influence clinical information system adoption and usability,
  • use of data models and standard terminologies and ontologies,
  • data reporting and warehousing,
  • evaluating data quality and completeness,
  • statistical summarization of clinical data,
  • use of machine learning to identify patterns in complex biomedical data, and
  • visualization of analytical results.

The format of this workshop includes a combination of: 1) didactic lectures, 2) case studies, and 3) hands-on laboratory exercises taught over a three-day period. Most lectures will be in English. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to demonstrate understanding and/or mastery of the following major areas:

  • The definition of biomedical informatics (BMI) and its major sub-disciplines
  • Critical areas of BMI research and practice
  • Mechanisms for accessing the BMI knowledge base
  • Types of clinical information systems, their use, and how systems-level architectures consisting of multiple technologies can be created to provide an information management platform for healthcare research and delivery
  • Human-computer interaction design principles and the evaluation of technology adoption and usability
  • Common data models, APIs, terminologies, and ontologies that can be used to support semantic interoperability between clinical information systems
  • Data warehouse and reporting system design and operation
  • Quantitative and qualitative measurements of data completeness and quality
  • Descriptive statistics and their use in summarizing clinical data
  • Machine learning methods that can be applied to complex biomedical data
  • Methods for visualizing the result of both statistical summaries and deeper analyses of complex biomedical data

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