Biomedical Informatics II: Methods

New Course Offering for Spring 2018
M17 CLNV 5303

Biomedical Informatics II: Methods

This course introduces students to the methods needed in order to apply the foundational theories covered in Biomedical Informatics I. The course will cover a broad spectrum of such methods including both computational and quantitative science techniques that can be employed in the design, conduct, and analysis of basic science, clinical, and translational research programs. This course is intended to enable individuals to critically select such methods and evaluate their results as part of both the design of new project as well as the review of results available in the public domain (e.g., literature, public data sets, etc.). Core concepts to be reviewed during this course include: basic computational skills, data modelling and integration, formal knowledge representation, in silico hypothesis generation, quantitative data analysis principles, and critical thinking skills surrounding the ability to ask and answer questions about complex and heterogeneous biomedical data. Prerequisite: M17-5302 or instructor permission.

Monday Evenings 1/16 – 5/7
4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

3 Credits $3,840 – Eligible for WU Staff/Faculty Tuition Benefit

For additional information, please see the attached flyer.