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The Institute for Informatics provides for a crosscutting community of practice that enhances and extends the academic and operational strengths of WashU and leverages the unique living laboratory afforded by the WashU, BJC HealthCare, and the Cortex Innovation Community.

Membership Levels for All

Membership is free at all levels. Perks include guest speaker invitations, networking opportunities, and more.
  • I2 Faculty Investigator – I2-funded faculty only
  • I2 Affiliate Faculty – WashU faculty funded outside of I2
  • I2 Affiliate Scholar – WashU staff level research scholars and scientists
  • I2 Affiliate Trainee – WashU Students and trainees

What’s in it for you?

Now, more than ever, I2 is committed to providing a supportive, collaborative environment for investigators like you and your colleagues!

  • Engage in I2 convening activities.
  • Forge new scientific collaborations within the informatics community.
  • Access I2 shared services and infrastructure.
  • Get priority for I2 funding opportunities.