Graduate Programs in Biomedical Informatics

Newly Launched Master of Science and Certificate Program in Biomedical Informatics

The Institute for Informatics (I2) is pleased to announce new Master of Science (MS) and certificate programs in biomedical informatics (BMI). The new master’s degree program and certificate program will be administered through I2 and housed in the Clinical Research Training Center (CRTC). Degrees will be conferred through the Washington University School of Medicine.

The purpose of the MS and certificate courses in BMI is to provide comprehensive and competency-based training in core biomedical informatics theories and methods for:

  • Recent college graduates with backgrounds in the biological and/or computational sciences
  • In-career learners with a broad range of experiences in biomedicine/biosciences, mathematics, physical or computer information sciences or engineering, and cognitive and/or social sciences

This master’s degree program offers grounded theory and a broad range of applied skills for three separate tracks:

  • Translational bioinformatics and clinical research informatics (TBI/CRI)
  • Clinical informatics (CI)
  • Bioinformatics (BI)

The certificate program is ideal for working professionals. It requires 16 credits and a condensed capstone project. Expected completion time is one to three years.

Students will have the opportunity to personalize their approved electives and competency courses based on their chosen track and educational and professional backgrounds, allowing them to build on their existing biomedical informatics competencies while gaining hands-on experiential learning opportunities. You can learn more about available research opportunities here.

How to Apply

Recent college graduates and in-career learners with training in biology, research and clinical medicine, computer science, data science and analytics, statistics, engineering and related disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Individuals applying for an NIH Research and Career Development award may submit their proposals in lieu of a formal application.

The application for the Master of Science and Certificate in Biomedical Informatics is now live. To create an application and learn more about the process, please visit our application page.

Interested in applying? Please contact us at, or fill out the inquiry form.

Tuition Assistance

Washington University employees may be eligible for a 50 percent tuition assistance benefit after one year of fulltime employment. Find out more about our tuition programs for each academic year.

MS Degree and Certificate Course Work


Andrea Krussel, MA

Assistant Director, Education and Strategic Initiatives

Jeanne Silvestrini

Academic Advisor