Our Expertise

Searching for answers within data

From consultations to cutting-edge software, the Institute of Informatics offers an array of data-mining technologies. We provide these services and tools to faculty, researchers, students and professionals so that together we can answer some of the biggest questions in the healthcare and life sciences fields. I2 services are also available to for-profit organizations on a charge-back basis.

Informatics Core Services

Electronic Data Management  

We offer consultation and training on the use of several biospecimen management systems, as well as assistance migrating legacy biospecimen data.  For clinical study data capture and modeling, we provide support via ClinPortal and REDCap.

Secondary Data Use and Enrichment

We can help you gain access to data brokerage services that are focused on the extraction of data from electronic health records. We can also guide you through the linkage of data to existing datasets.

Standardized Bioinformatics Pipelines

Get assistance with the analysis of high-throughput, high dimensional biological data thorough readily adoptable bioinformatics data analysis tools and services.

EHR  Research Functionality

Partnering with BJC HealthCare, we can help qualified researchers obtain electronic health records data, including over 6 million records of routine inpatient and outpatient care. In addition, we provide data analysis and visualization services.

Project Design and Management

For all of the above, we provide project management services and can design informatics solutions that meet your project’s needs. We can also create cost estimates for developing and implementing informatics solutions, and assist with letter of support for informatics support.

For assistance, contact the Informatics Core Services Help Desk.

Core Services Staff

Become a Member

Interested in informatics? Apply to become a member of the Institute for Informatics today. Benefits include:

  • Access to informatics tools and resources
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration with faculty and professionals from a number of departments and fields
  • The opportunity to advance informatics research

When applying, please be sure to include the following information:

  • Projects you’ve been involved with
  • Funding you’ve received
  • Recent publications
  • Teaching experience in the field

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For more information about funding opportunities, contact Dr. Tiffani Bright.