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The Institute for Informatics (I2) Research-in-Progress Lecture Series

This talk will feature Dr. Scott Saccone, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine. Dr. Saccone has studied statistical genetics of complex traits with a focus on psychiatric diseases, particularly nicotine dependence, as well as bioinformatics as it applies to integrating genomic databases into whole-genome genetic analysis. He currently spends most of his time on data management and web-based software development for NIH genetic repositories. He will be presenting his research on “Data Management and Distribution Services for NIH Genetic Repositories.”

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Oct. 27

Digital Phenotyping with Wearables: Learning from Wearable Data to Predict Clinical Outcomes

The Institute for Informatics and the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine are pleased to announce our inaugural Symposium for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (SAIM) seminar series. This symposium is designed to be a forum for the discussion of revolutionary healthcare technologies and the ongoing development of innovative healthcare technologies across our campuses, with the goal of uniting people with similar interests and fostering collaboration and growth. We welcome clinicians and trainees from all backgrounds and at all levels who are interested in learning more about translational artificial intelligence, machine learning and healthcare information technology. This year, our second seminar will be delivered by Dr. Chenyang Lu, on October 27, 2020.

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Nov. 14

AMIA 2020 Virtual Annual Symposium

The AMIA 2020 Virtual Annual Symposium, held November 14 – 18, showcases the latest innovations from the community of biomedical informatics researchers and practitioners. Topics of interest span the spectrum from deciphering the underpinning phenomena of disease, to managing information and communications for improving patient care, to tracking the health of populations. We look forward to seeing you at the AMIA 2020 Virtual Annual Symposium – the foremost symposium for the science and practice of biomedical informatics.

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