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The Institute for Informatics (I2) Research-in-Progress Lecture Series

This talk will feature Dr. Elizabeth L. Yanik, Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery in the Public Health Sciences Division of Department of Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine. Dr. Yanik will be presenting “Use of the UK Biobank to Identify Genetic and Non-genetic Risk Factors for Rotator Cuff Disease.”

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Leveraging Large EHR, Imaging and Genomic Datasets to Generate New Knowledge in Cardiology and Radiology

This talk, part of the Institute for Informatics (I2) Special Speaker Seminar Series, will feature Dr. Brandon K. Fornwalt, Associate Professor in the Department of Imaging Science and Innovation (DISI) at Geisinger, where he directs the Cardiac Imaging Technology Laboratory, whose mission is to improve the lives of patients with cardiovascular disease through the development, implementation, and utilization of state-of-the-art imaging and image processing technologies.

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Reflecting on the Limitations and Potentials of Electronic Health Data to Transform the Future of Medicine

This talk, part of the Faculty Recruit Seminar Series, will feature Hossein Estiri, PhD, Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, presenting a reflecting on the limitations and potentials of electronic health data to transform the future of medicine. Dr. Estiri’s research involves designing data-driven systems for clinical decision making and healthcare policy.

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From our

Oct. 18

An Academic Business and Marketing Co. Push Hearing Research into Practice

The Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS), in collaboration with Venture Café, is hosting Precision Medicine Series on the third Thursday of every month! This month, Dr. Nancy Tye-Murray will present “clEAR (customized learning: Exercises in Aural Rehabilitation)—From Bench to Business,” and Mr. John Bracamontes will present “High ROI Content Marketing.”

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Nov. 3

AMIA 2018 Annual Symposium

This year, the American Medical Informatics Association’s annual symposium, the foremost symposium for the science and practice of biomedical informatics, revolves around the theme “Data, Technology, and Innovation for Better Health.” Five faculty members at the Institute for Informatics (I2), Drs. Joanna Abraham, Tiffani Bright, Thomas KannampallilPhilip Payne and Po-Yin Yen, will present at this conference. Andrea Krussel (Program Manager), Cynthia Marich (Associate Director), and Alice Hoette (Team Lead of Informatics Core Services) will display a poster in the Poster Session 2 at this conference.

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